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Vacuum Booster

Principle of Operation

Within the housing of vacuum booster, two pistons rotate synchronously. Thanks to the special profile of the rotating pistons and their precise manufacturing, they do not come into contact with each other or the housing. This makes it possible to pump a medium without the need of any operating fluids. The synchronous rotation of the two pistons is driven by a pair of gear wheels located on the shaft ends in the gearbox and separated from the compression chamber.

Vacuum Booster are driven by a directly flanged electric motor of efficiency class IE2. Vacuum Booster work without a mechanical bypass (Puma) or with mechanical bypass (Panda). Without a mechanical bypass, care must be taken that the maximum permissible differential pressure between the inlet and the outlet is kept during vacuum pump operation. In Roots pumps with a bypass valve the differential pressure between the inlet and the outlet is automatically restricted.

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