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Twin Lobe Air Blower

Twin Lobe Air Blower is also known as positive displacement Roots blower (PD Roots blower).The mechanism of blower is unique and much traditional use from years of time. The roots blower design was first time patented in 1860 by Philander Higley and Francis Marian Roots.Based on the name of the scientist, the blower is recognized as roots blower.

How Roots Blower Works-The executing mechanism of blower is intake the air from inlet and dual impellers rotating indifferent directions trap the air during the rotation between the casing and impeller and discharge at the outlet. The equipment throws the consistent volume of gas to the outlet without discharge thus roots blower is unique compare to compressor. The gas blowing capacity of roots blower depend on the size of casing and rotating part. The air pressure of thrown gas is constant without any change.

Twin Roots Blower are used where needs to blow large volume of air with constant pressure. Single roots blower can blow up the air at limited pressure. Twin lobe roots blower can pump the air with increased pressure at constant rate. High volume low pressure air is achieved from positive displacement pump. These PD types’ blowers are mechanically distributed based on application mechanism like small PD type roots blowers that generate variable pressure and vacuum capacity. Large PD type roots blower are used in oil & gas production with variable size.

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