“Phoenix” started manufacturing Twin/ Tri Lobe Rotary Air ( Positive Displacement) Blowers & Booster with 1000 Nos. Per Year and expanded the capacity to 3500 machines Per Year within a short span of Time. The current range of manufacturing includes Roots Blowers, Package Blowers, Mechanical Boosters & Acoustic Hoods.

PHOENIX BLOWERS - Blower Manufacturer in Delhi

Our Product Range

acoustic hood for blowers

Quality Policy

By adopting continual improve methods and reviewing periodically the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Root blower for aquaculture
Tri lobe air blower

Cost Effective

Manufacture cost-effective, high quality, energy efficient & environmental friendly root blowers with low maintenance & long life.

1 hp air blower for biofloc
1 hp air blower for biofloc

Innovative Design

Introducing new products and blower solutions that satisfy the market needs with special care while selecting materials and production methods.

biogas blower
biogas blower

100% Oil Free Blowers

Advanced fabrication technology and produces most of the components in-house, ensuring higher quality standards

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We don’t just offer " Blower, Vacuum pumps and compressors" we offer energy saving solutions.

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Phoenix Blowers Manufacturers in India

We believe that quality of our products should speak for us. Practicing innovation and adopting technological upgrades, we are in constant pursuit of excellence. Every process of ours are tried, tested and proven to be the most effective one for any given scenario. And this is a never – ending procedure. Keeping customers at the forefront, we ensure their requirements are met without fail and on that foundation we build trust and long – lasting relationships.

Our Valuable Clients

Manufacturers of Tri Lobe Air Blowers in India

Phoenix Blowers is well-known in the industry for providing top-notch management systems. Phoenix Blowers stands out as one of the greatest Air Blowers Manufacturers, having developed ultra-modern blowers systems. Such a well-known corporation does not brag about its modern, dedicated, and long-lasting blowers systems and equipment. Similarly, the company has advanced to new heights thanks to the contributions of industrious, experienced, and dedicated specialists who take great care in giving the best services to an ever-growing number of consumers.

Phoenix Blowers is one of India's top blowers system manufacturers, specializing in evaporative air cooling, industrial process cooling, comfort cooling, and ventilation systems.We are known for developing and installing large-scale, energy-efficient systems Industrial, urban, and agricultural HVAC systems with a wide range of applications.

We have generated world-class designs, concepts, and technologies with indigenous and economically proven solutions, as well as streamlined delivery times and the highest quality services, over the course of its two-decade history. Our commitment to excellence is backed up by cutting-edge infrastructure and in-depth technical expertise that allows us to set industry benchmarks.

In the blowers system manufacturers, Phoenix Blowers has stood for exceptional engineering and unequalled customer service. Because of our comprehensive product line and skill in providing unique air-handling solutions for larger and more difficult projects, we have a considerable market share. We remain the leading provider of high-performance blowers systems for the most demanding industries, including automobiles, steel, cement, textiles, apparel, power, and electricals. Our company is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions in customized shapes and specifications. Industries value our advanced variety of FRP storage tanks for their high tensile strength, durability, and exceptional finishing standards. We're known as a top trader, supplier, distributor, and wholesaler of Air Supply Units, and we've built a solid reputation in the industry.

We have the experience and can examine your requirements at Phoenix Blowers is one of India's top blowers system manufacturers. We can consider air and pressure drops as well as fluid streams, and we can review your current equipment layout in relation to your procedure to identify development opportunities. We may then add to an engineered solution to provide you with a pollution system that is both productive and successful in the long run.

Twin Lobe Air Blower are efficient for blow large volume of air with constant pressure. Single roots blower can blow up the air at limited pressure. Twin lobe roots blower can pump the air with increased pressure at constant rate. High volume low pressure air is achieved from positive displacement pump.

A dust collector collects dust and other impurities from the air and environment in order to improve the quality of air generated by industrial and commercial processes. Phoenix Blowers provides a wide range of dust collectors to meet industry needs. A dust collection system's basic concept is catch, convey, and collect. For our customers in the woodworking, food, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as other companies that manufacture and handle bulk powders and need dust control solutions and systems, we provide custom design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of dust collectors and dust collection systems, as well as hoods, ducts, blowers, chimneys, and other accessories. All dust collectors are built to the greatest quality, efficiency, and safety standards.

Dealers Solicited globally. Please contact us if interested at info@phoenixblowers.com