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Phoenix Blowers- Application of Blowers

Our Positive Displacement Blowers Provide A Universal And Ideal Solution In The Following Fields.

Metallurgy, Water Treatment, Pneumatic Conveying, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Cement, Sewage & Effluent, Sugar, Effluent/ Water Treatment Plant, Air Agitation of chemical solution, Filter Bed Agitation, Sulphation process – Sugar plants, Cement Blending, Aeration & Fluidation, Pneumatic Conveying – Cement Chemicals, Fertilizer & Chemical Plants, Power Generation Paper Bulk, Textile, Gas, Ice, GLS Lamps, Transport Vehicles, Refineries, Breweries & Distilleries, Soap & Detergents, Fertilizer, Pressuration of high altitude Chambers, Air Blowing Glass Industry, Agitation of liquids – Electroplating plants, Ice-plants, Lamps & Luminaries manufacturing plants etc., Centralised vacuum cleaning, Boosting or Evacuation of gases, Fisheries / Hatcheries / Aquaculture.

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